Terms and Conditions of Scholarship

Only those candidates are eligible who have secured a minimum of 40% in the final academic exam (Matric/SSC/Graduate/Diploma/ITI) and who pass our test with the minimum score and whose family economic conditions, such as annual income and number of family members, match our criteria.
All things being equal, those candidates with a lower annual income and higher number of family dependents will receive preference in grant of scholarship.
If it is found that a candidate has obtained scholarship by submission of falsified documents, it will be cancelled and the amount shall be recovered besides giving us the freedom to initiate legal action if it is thought fit.
Scholarship is granted on the undertaking and declaration of the student that he will be regular in attendance, diligent in studies and shall complete the training and obtain a specified percentage in the internal tests conducted by us. Failure to do so in any or all of these matters may result in revocation of scholarship and recovery of monies spent.
Competent authorities or a board shall review the scholarship and terms at regular intervals.
Scholarship of a candidate who does not satisfy criteria and terms will be cancelled at any time.
Misconduct or otherwise unacceptable behavior may result in cancellation of scholarship or its revocation as may be decided by officer in charge or the competent authority.
Management reserves right to alter any of the terms herein at its discretion or add further terms.

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