Future Plans

There are millions of young adults on the threshold of starting their lives but face the insurmountable barrier of passing a hard exam, whether it is to enter a prestigious university or to get into a job. Our future plans are to reach out to every one of these youth everywhere in India by setting up local facilities even in smallest towns. We plan to maintain our approach of affordability and accessibility and become the topmost competitive exam coaching institution across India.

At the same time we have ambitious plans to become affiliated with degree colleges across India and offer coaching at subsidized prices for their students. A spin off of our future plan is that we will employ retired or part time educators and help them earn as well as get job satisfaction.

“Vidyaa dadaati vinayam
Vinayaadyaati paatrataam
Tatah sukham”

Knowledge generates humbleness
By humbleness one becomes worthy
Being worthy, one earns wealth
With wealth one gains religiosity
And by religiosity one becomes happy

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