The eligibility test or any other test conducted online is dependent on several factors such as availability of internet and continuity of connection as well as performance and working of servers and hardware/software in the chain. Non-performance, glitches, malfunction of any kind will not make us responsible for any claims of any kind whatsoever for circumstances beyond our control. However, we shall consider pleas of applicants and verify and then use our discretion to take further action.
Applying for the test does not imply any guarantee from our side that candidate will succeed. Success in exam does not imply any guarantee that scholarship will be granted. Obtaining highest marks does not imply any guarantee of automatic grant of scholarship.
Since we operate on a tight budget we provide clean, neat lodging and wholesome nutritious vegetarian food with no extra frills. No demands for special diet of any kind will be entertained.
We are not responsible for how candidates make their travel plans but reimbursement is limited to plain bus fare or IInd class train fare between destinations and not for taxi or rickshaw travel costs inside the city.
We provide learning materials and books that we think are sufficient. Students can buy any other books if they think fit at their cost.
• We have taken care to select competent faculty and do not entertain complaints about methods or quality of teaching.
We are not responsible if candidate falls ill and requires treatment nor are we responsible for accidents or any such incidents or legal matters in which a candidate may be involved and for all associated cost, the candidate and his family shall be responsible.
If a candidate is not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, he or she may discontinue the program by giving notice in writing and no claim for compensation of any kind shall be entertained or considered. It is understood that we provide study materials and training to the best of our ability and a candidate is also bound to use his resources to advance further based on instructions of trainers.
We don’t give any guarantee that a student will get through entrance test of higher studies after the completion of our coaching. It’s up to the capability & aptitude of the student.

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