Nuclear-capable K-4 ballistic missile successfully tested from INS Arihant

Nuclear capable submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLMB) code named K-4, was successfully test fired from an undisclosed location in the Bay of Bengal. Test: It was conducted by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) along with Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) which provided all logistics. The missile was fired from 20-meter deep from onboard silos of the Ship Submersible Ballistic, Nuclear (SSBN) submarine. During the test it successfully hit with high accuracy after covering more than 700 km distance. About K-4 ballistic missile The K-4 is part of the K-family of missiles, a series of SLBMs (Submarine-launched ballistic missile). The series is named after former president and scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. It is under development by Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) to arm the Arihant-class submarines. It is a derivative of nuclear capable Agni series (medium to intercontinental range) missile which are already in service. It has reduced length compared to Agni series. Features: The K-4 missile is an Intermediate range SLBM with effective range of over 3500 km. It is 12 meters long and has a diameter of 1.3 meters. It weighs nearly 17 tones. It is powered solid rocket propellant. It can carry a nuclear as well as conventional warhead weighing up to 2 tones. First test: In 2010, the first gas-booster of K-4 missile was successfully tested from a submerged pontoon. The first test was carried out in 2014 from a depth of 30 meters.

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