Courses After Graduation

A plain graduation degree is never enough; you need to specialize and obtain a post graduate diploma in a specialized field or a Masters if not a Ph.D. to get to lucrative positions.

If you have graduated with a degree in Arts, the usual route is to go in for Masters in the topic of specialization. Alternatives are post graduate diploma in journalism, media, education (B.Ed.), tourism and hotel management, leading to specific jobs related to your studies.

Commerce graduates can specialize in accounting, financial management, join MBA courses or become chartered accountants or chartered financial analysts. They can opt for a company secretary course or gain specialization in tourism if they like.
Specialist courses such as Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, and diploma in financial management or certified management accountant leading to paying jobs in industries, insurance companies, financial lenders and banks.
Science graduates can opt for a master course, specializing in a particular branch and then going on to research or academic positions. With a B.Sc. you can also opt for M. Tech courses which have a higher value in the job market.
Engineering graduates can further improve their skills and knowledge base by specialized post graduate degree or diploma courses. You can specialize in thermal engineering, chemical engineering, structural, petrochemicals, nanotechnology, power, environment, computer science or biotechnology depending on the subjects in which you graduated.
Architecture graduates can gain a Masters and then specialize in international certifications such as LEED.
Doctors can go on to become M.D., specialize in a particular branch like ophthalmology or pediatrics and then get accredited with International Societies
Apart from the usual there are specialist courses if you have the aptitude and inclination. You can go for post graduate diploma in print, broadcast and journalism and become a media professional
Those with biology backgrounds can opt for the post graduate diploma in clinical research management
Those with Electronics specialization can gain a post graduate degree or diploma in intelligent systems and robotics or even nanotechnology
Insurance is big business and a post graduate qualification in general insurance lands you job with leading insurance companies.
Garments and textiles are promising. You could get an M.A. in apparel production management leading to jobs in apparel production companies.
Take a look at international certifications like CNA, Prince, Sigma 6, PMP and TOGAF. These come in handy when you work on projects in diverse areas.

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