Ambedkar Scholarship Programme for Competitive Examinations & Higher Studies

It’s an era of competition. A student needs to appear for competitive examinations to get jobs in various sectors and to get admission in reputed institutes for higher studies. Thousands appear for the exam from which only a handful will succeed. You need to be fully prepared and only specialized coaching will help candidates succeed. Not everyone has access to specialized coaching, especially candidates from economically disadvantaged sections even though they may be academically bright.

The Ambedkar Scholarship Program for Competitive Examinations & higher studies has been devised to address the needs of such students as well as candidates and to help them succeed. Students or Candidates who undergo coaching for competitive exams as well as higher studies and for the subsequent interviews stand a much better chance of being selected. We provide that essential training and empower disadvantaged candidates gain an edge.


Our mission is upliftment of society, especially the economically disadvantaged sections, by helping bright candidates from these sections through our coaching for competitive examinations and higher studies. Our scholarships will free them of the economic burden and our training will empower them to gain knowledge & jobs and thus support their families.


Help the disadvantaged and the deserving. Level the playing field. Contribute to their prosperity. Bring happiness to communities across India. This is our vision.

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